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Boom Lifts


2007-2014 JLG 450AJ Boom Lift

2007-2014 JLG 450AJ

45' articulating boom lift with Jib
2005 Genie S40 Diesel Boom Lift

2005 Genie S40 Diesel

S40' Straight Mast Boom Lift
2008 JLG 600S D.F. PA Boom Lift

2008 JLG 600S D.F. PA

60' Straight Boom- Dual Fuel
2010 Genie S60 TX Boom Lift

2010 Genie S60 TX

60' Straight Mast Boom Lift
2007 JLG 400S Boom Lift

2007 JLG 400S

40' Straight Mast Boom Lift- Clean
2006 Genie Z45/25 Boom Lift

2006 Genie Z45/25

45' Articulating Boom Lift
2007 Genie S65 Jib Boom Lift

2007 Genie S65 Jib

65' Straight Mast- Jib
2008 Genie Z40/23N Boom Lift

2008 Genie Z40/23N

40' Electric Articulating Boom
2012 Genie Z45/25 Jib Boom Lift

2012 Genie Z45/25 Jib

45' Articulating Boom- Jib
2006-2014 JLG 800S Boom Lift

2006-2014 JLG 800S

80' Straight Mast Boom Lift- Recon
2009 JLG 600AJ- Jib Boom Lift

2009 JLG 600AJ- Jib

60' Articulating Boom Lift- Jib
2006 Genie Z45/25J Boom Lift

2006 Genie Z45/25J

45' Articulating Boom-Jib-4WD
2007 Genie S40 Boom Lift

2007 Genie S40

40' Straight Mast Boom Lift
2007 Genie Z80/60 Jib Boom Lift

2007 Genie Z80/60 Jib

80' ArticulatingBoom Lift-Jib
2007 Genie Z45/25 Boom Lift

2007 Genie Z45/25

45' Articulating Boom Lift
2005 JLG 600A Boom Lift

2005 JLG 600A

600A Articulating Boom Lift
2006 Genie S60 Boom Lift

2006 Genie S60

60' Straight Boom-Gen.
2008 Genie S45-Jib Boom Lift

2008 Genie S45-Jib

45' Straight Boom Lift- Jib
2008 JLG 800S Boom Lift

2008 JLG 800S

80' Straight Mast Boom Lift
2007 JLG 600A D.F Boom Lift

2007 JLG 600A D.F

JLG 60' Art. Boom- Dual Fuel
2015 Genie SX180X Jib Boom Lift

2015 Genie SX180X Jib

180' Straight Mast Lift-Jib
2011 Genie Z34/22 D.F Boom Lift

2011 Genie Z34/22 D.F

34' Articulating Boom Dual Fuel
2008 JLG 600AJ Boom Lift

2008 JLG 600AJ

60' Articulating Boom- Jib-Will be...
2005 Genie S40 D.F. Boom Lift

2005 Genie S40 D.F.

40' Straight Boom Lift-Dual Fuel
2014 Genie Z135/70 Boom Lift

2014 Genie Z135/70

135' Articulating Ultra Lift
2013 Genie S65- Jib Boom Lift

2013 Genie S65- Jib

65' Straight Mast Lift-Jib
2014 Genie S45-Jib  Boom Lift

2014 Genie S45-Jib

45' Articulating Lift-Jib
2011 Genie S45- Jib Boom Lift

2011 Genie S45- Jib

45' Straight Mast Lift-Jib
2014 Genie S85 Boom Lift

2014 Genie S85

85' Straight Mast w Jib
2005-2012 Genie Z60/34 Jib DF Boom Lift

2005-2012 Genie Z60/34 Jib DF

60' Art. Boom -Jib Recon.
2008 Genie S125 OH Boom Lift

2008 Genie S125 OH

125' Straight Mast Boom Lift with Jib

Additional Boom Lift Information

Boom Lifts, Manlifts, Aerial Work Platforms

American Telehandler offers for sale used boom lifts to a variety of industries. A boom lift is utilized in the construction industry to deliver an operator to various levels of a construction site. These boom lifts, also called aerial lifts, aerial work platforms, cherry pickers, or manlifts are also used for other applications in many other industries, both inside and outside buildings, and along roadways.

From the basket, the operator is able to adjust the angle of the boom and the height of the boom lift to reach his intended work area. Any time an operator needs to be lifted to high levels to perform a task this boom lift is the piece of equipment that is preferred. The farming business, the oil business, electrical related businesses, and the mining business are but a few of the industries that utilize the boom lift to lift a man to his intended destination.

Boom lifts are widely used in industry, agriculture, road construction, landscaping, and the military. Boom lifts are used to deliver an operator and his tools to the appropriate location in the air that he will be working. A boom lift is similar in appearance to a forklift but with crane style components such as a telescopic boom extending forward and upward. A basket on the end of the boom is used to raise the operator into the air. Unlike a telehandler, the boom lift is used for lifting people to a desired location in the air. The operator controls the boom lift from the basket.

Moving operators from place-to place in the air and the ability to reach otherwise difficult locations at significant heights are the most common applications for boom lifts. A boom lift can articulate, allowing the operator to reach a destination that is obstructed. A jib can also be added to increase mobility.

The boom lift is more practical, cost effective, and provides more functionality vs. standard cranes or telehandlers which require an operator on the ground. As the boom lift extends outward and upward it is balanced by a counter weight at the rear of the machine. A boom lift may also employ a computerized sensor system to consistently monitor the vehicle and ensure safe operation. Annual inspection is required to ensure the owner/operator operates the boom lift safely. This is a very simple certification process.

Some of the smaller boom lifts are towable behind a vehicle. The boom lift operates with a variety of power options. Depending on the make, height, and model of the boom lift, it will operate using diesel fuel, gas, propane, or electric power. Many boom lifts have dual fuel capabilities-typically gas and propane. That allows these machines to operate both outside in rough terrain environments or inside buildings.