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Welcome to American Telehandler!

Telehandlers and Boom Lifts For Sale



All telehandlers are certified - gone through by a trained mechanic, upgraded as necessary.


boom lifts

Certification and upgrades performed at no additional cost to you.



New telehandler attachments. OSHA Compatible. Very high quality after market attachments. Typically 30-50% off the O.E.M. pricing.


what we provide

Quality Machines, Excellent Service

  • We only sell pre-owned, certified machines
  • Fully serviced prior to delivery
  • Delivery to all locations in the U.S.
  • We are telehandler and boom lift specialists

why choose us

The American Telehandler Advantage

  • All machines have been gone through by a mechanic
  • Upgraded as necessary
  • Upgrades included at no additional cost to you
  • We are a member of the USA Honor Society
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Featured Telehandlers and Boom Lifts

  • 2015 Skytrak 8042 VA Telehandler

    2015 Skytrak 8042 VA

    8,000 lb. 42' Height Teledandler- ...
  • 2016 Skytrak 6042 MI Telehandler

    2016 Skytrak 6042 MI

    6,000 lb. 42' Telehandler
  • 2014 Genie 5519 TX Telehandler

    2014 Genie 5519 TX

    5,500 LB. 19' Mini Telehandler
  • 2013 Skytrak 8042 TX Telehandler

    2013 Skytrak 8042 TX

    8,000 lb. 42' Height Teledandler
  • 2019 Genie 1056 TX Telehandler

    2019 Genie 1056 TX

    10,000 lb. 56' Height Telehandelr
  • 2011 Lull 944E-42 Cab VA  SOLD Telehandler

    2011 Lull 944E-42 Cab VA SOLD

    9,000 lb. 54' Height Enclosed Cab
  • 2014 Genie GTH 1544 2276 SOLD Telehandler

    2014 Genie GTH 1544 2276 SOLD

    15,000 lb. 44' Height Telehandler
  • 2014 Skytrak 6036 VA 2296 SOLD Telehandler

    2014 Skytrak 6036 VA 2296 SOLD

    6,000 lb. 36' Telehandler
  • 2010-2017 Skytrak 10054 IL SOLD Telehandler

    2010-2017 Skytrak 10054 IL SOLD

    10,000 lb. 54' Height Telehandler
  • 2007 Genie S85 Boom Lift

    2007 Genie S85

    85' Straight boom with Jib
  • 2010 Genie S85 PA Boom Lift

    2010 Genie S85 PA

    85' Straight boom with Jib
  • 2013  Genie S40 PA Boom Lift

    2013 Genie S40 PA

    40' Straight Boom Lift
  • 2012 Genie S65 NC Boom Lift

    2012 Genie S65 NC

    65' Straight Boom lift with Jib
  • 2016 Genie 80X Ext. Axles PA Boom Lift

    2016 Genie 80X Ext. Axles PA

    80' Straight boom lift
  • 2015 Genie 5519 Cab HT A/C VA top

    2015 Genie 5519 Cab HT A/C VA

    5500 LB. 19' - Mini Cab Heat A/C
  • 2017 Mustang 10130 Manitou 2115 top

    2017 Mustang 10130 Manitou 2115

    26,000 LB Manitou Cab Heat AC

who we are

American Telehandler LLC is an innovative provider of quality pre-owned telehandlers, boom lifts, and new telehandler attachments. We are part of a nationwide network of independent dealer partners that are committed to provide excellent equipment to our customers at a competitive price. We take pride in providing the best quality telehandlers and boom lifts based on each customer's budget.

telehandlers for sale


Bob Geib of American Telehandler LLC is accepted into the USA Honor Society

Robert J. Geib, Managing Director of American Telehandler LLC, a nationwide supplier of upgraded rough terrain forklifts to the construction and other industries, has been inducted into the USA Honor Society. The society honors individuals that demonstrate a strong commitment to the highest level of ethical business practices in daily operations, management philosophies, and outstanding customer service.

In business for over 35 years, Geib through his company, American Telehandler LLC, sells upgraded high reach equipment brands, including Lull©, SkyTrak©, JLG©, Gradall©, Terex©, and Genie© telehandlers.

Located in St. Augustine, Florida with an equipment upgrading facility in Jacksonville, Florida, the company upgrades used telehandlers for resale to customers desiring a machine that this jobsite ready once the machine is delivered to the customer.

"Geib said he is honored to be named to the USA Honor Society because it affirms the company's commitment to integrity and professionalism." "We are proud of the relationships we have built with our customers, suppliers, and manufacturers."

The USA Honor Society is sponsored by the Cambridge Registry and Who's Who in American Business.


  • Bob Geib

    "We at American Telehandler are totally committed to providing you the best telehandler for your dollar. I guarantee it."

  • Steve Thompson

    "My team of trained technicians is responsible for making sure all the upgrades to your telehandler are performed prior to delivery."

  • Gary Adleburg

    "We will support your telehandler purchase during the make ready process and after the sale."

Mission & Values

Our mission is to create solid and enduring partnerships with our customers and suppliers based on mutual trust and commitment that will allow all parties to achieve mutual success.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Being honest and fair in all our dealings
  • Honestly represent our products and services
  • Place the customer first
  • Excel in providing outstanding service and communication with our customers and partners
  • Resolving any issues that arise in a timely manner
  • Work with our customers and employees to the benefit of all, not simply our company


Hi Bob, I just wanted to follow up with you. Winter has come very hard and early here in Iowa and we have been busy trying to get things closed up. The machine I bought from you arrived right around Thanksgiving and has been running strong through some really cold days. I believe this is a real testament to it's condition. Things seem to break when it is as cold as it has been and so far this has not been the case with this machine. It starts perfectly and all the hydraulics work right away. I have yet to have anything go wrong with it. Your mechanics did a good job making sure this machine was jobsite ready. I can see whatever maintenance was needed, they took care of it. I know it had to be a little tough on you answering the many questions I had and keeping in touch while going through a hurricane down there in Florida, but you did a fantastic job. You followed up before, during and after you made the sale and that is very much appreciated. At this point I believe it would be fair to say I received at least what I paid for and maybe even a little more. I plan on continuing the maintenance schedule this winter in order to maintain the machine's condition. Other business people I am familiar with in this area recommended you and now you have my recommendation too Bob. I hope to send more business your way. Thanks again.

Bryant Mangler

Bryant Mangler Construction LLC
Dubuque, Iowa