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2019 Genie Telehandler 5519 Cab-IL

2019 Genie 5519 Cab-IL

5,500 lb.19' Mini- Cab-Heat-A/C
2014 Genie Telehandler GTH 1544 VA

2014 Genie GTH 1544 VA

15,000 lb. 44' Height Teledandler Cab
2013 Genie Telehandler 5519 Cab NY TT

2013 Genie 5519 Cab NY TT

5,500 lb.19' Mini- Cab-Heat
2015 Genie Telehandler 5519 WC TT

2015 Genie 5519 WC TT

5,500 lb.19' Mini
2014 Genie Telehandler GTH 1056 VA SOLD

2014 Genie GTH 1056 VA SOLD

10,000-56 foot height Telehandler

Terex Genie Telehandler Information

Telehandlers, Rough Terrain Forklifts

Below are the most common Genie Telehandler models currently being produced:

Genie 5519 Mini- Telehandler. This compact rough terrain telescoping forklift is designed for easy transport from one jobsite to another. It is lightweight and has a 5500 lb. lifting capacity. The machine has a 19 foot reach. Delivering product from one part of the jobsite to the building location is one of the primary functions of this machine. Because of its size this mini-telehandler has many applications outside the construction business.

Genie 636 Telehandler. This rough terrain forklift has a 6000 lb. lifting capacity with a 36 foot reach. As with the JLG products in this weight range this machine is designed for operating in closed spaces. It is equipped with 4 wheel drive and 3 modes of steering. Primary use for this telehandler is on a construction jobsite to deliver product to various levels of the building. Other industries such as farming, landscaping, trucking, and the oil business, just to name a few, use these products.

Genie 644 Telehandler. This rough terrain forklift has a 6000 lb. lifting capacity with a 44 foot reach, a longer reach when compared to most machines of this size. It also has 3 modes of steering. It is designed for lifting traditional loads to the appropriate level of a construction jobsite. As with the 6036, other non-construction related industries use these telehandler for a variety of applications.

Genie 844 Telehandler. This machine is the most popular large telehandler sold in this product line. It has a 8000 lb. lifting capacity and a 44 foot reach. The machine also has 3 modes of steering. It is designed to lift a variety of products to the first 4 levels of a jobsite.

Genie 1056 Telehandler. This machine is the largest rough terrain forklift in the Genie line. At 10000 lb. capacity and a 56 foot reach, this machine offers the longest reach in the industry. It has stabilizers which offer greater stability and lifting capability when deployed. This telehandler is used to lift heavy loads to at least the 5th floor of a building.

The most common upgrades to these pieces of equipment are foam filled tires (prevents costly downtime due to tire punctures, and a side-tilt carriage, which allows the operator to land a load if the placement of the load requires a slight side-to-side adjustment. An enclosed cab with heat can also be added to these telehandlers for use in colder climates. A variety of forklift attachments can be purchased separately for these machines. The most common attachments are: work platforms, buckets in various sizes, truss booms, and jibs.

Additional information regarding the Genie brands can be viewed by clicking machine specifications in the footer on every web page.